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JUN 66: I am 14 months old in this photo, and I am smiling because I have a new baby sister ... or maybe because I have just peed in the pool.
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:: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 ::

This is NOT an exit.

I merely found a template I liked better. And I didn't feel like fiddling with republishing anything on this one and running the risk of losing everything, or throwing off the format or whatever and generally just screwing it all up, so I simply moved.


And re-titled, sorta. And I'm trying to bring the Mini-Me pool picture with me, but so far I haven't figured out that part. But I shall.

I might even activate the Comments thingie!

: )

:: Di 3:00:00 PM [+] ::
:: Saturday, May 08, 2004 ::
"Mercedes: Number 1!"

So, I spend a portion of today riding in/driving a Mercedes Kompressor. Red. Convertible.

And I realize that, all things considered, I am not a car person.

I want a car that is comfortable. That rides smooth (smoothly). That runs (mainly). That has a kick-ass stereo.

Those are the qualities that really matter.

I do not care what the car looks like.


Still ... there's something kinda cool about driving a Benz. Let's be honest.

: )
:: Di 11:45:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, May 05, 2004 ::
And now: the carnival.

And a very scary carnival it is, indeed.

Lotsa "more tattoos than teeth" people. EEK!!

: )

But earlier today ...

I walk out of the news office around 12:30 p.m., and I take a look around me, and everything is stunningly beautiful. And I had strongly suspected when I left my desk that that would be IT for me, for the day, but once I am outside: There is no doubt.

NO doubt.

So I head to the lake. And before I get there, I notice a field of yellow flowers. Probably goldenrod, I dunno. Hold on, I'm actually gonna LOOK IT UP ... and no, it's not goldenrod, and I thought maybe ragwort (ragweed??!) ... anyhoo, I decide I want a photo of a field of yellow flowers.

And I swear to God, the instant I get out, my throat starts feeling kinda constricted-like ... and the weeds feel like they're cutting my legs ... and I realize I am SO not an outdoorsy girl.

(But maybe in my next life.)

(But no, in my next life, I wanna be a professional baseball player.)

And the yellow flower photos turn out OK, but the best ones are the ones of the withered, gone-to-seed dandelions. And the clover flower.

Then I decide to head to the lake and walk on the bike trail. Only when I get there, I see that the trail is now a hiking trail ? no bicycles allowed! And they've torn up part of the trail and taken out the bridge, so now it's only half a trail, but that's OK.

I shoot as I go, and I realize that my chances of seeing any "live" wildlife are about nil because I tromp through the "woods" ? on the concrete trail! ? with my billfold and cell phone and Coach Swiss Army knife and keys and camera and McDonald's cup with the remaining ice from my Coke.

But that's OK because, truthfully, I'm a little skittish. And on the way back, as I'm taking a picture of a flower that looks like a miniature daisy, I jump after hearing something in the grass ... so I watch for something to move ... and it's a SNAKE! And it goes slithering off before I can even think about snapping a shot.

I realize that there are probably about a thousand kinds of plants in those woods, and I'm lucky if I can name five.

If I were wider awake right now, I would post some pics.

But then again, I might not post any pics until I come up with a new & improved template. There are aspects of this one that I like, but the red: It's gotta go.

Maybe one of these days I can spend about 10 hours online, playing around and developing a site (yeah, right) that I am satisfied with.


: )

:: Di 10:29:00 PM [+] ::

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